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I grew up on a family farm and have been involved in agriculture most of my life. That’s where I learned the value of hard work and perseverance. Work doesn’t end at 5:00. It ends when the job is done.

These lessons have been the backbone of the success we’ve had for our clients. We work for every person with the same diligence and passion. Success in the courtroom requires effort, knowledge, and familiarity with the law combined with listening and connecting with clients to understand your needs.

Our practice areas include Family Law, Civil Litigation, Business Organization, Agricultural Law, Personal Injury, and Insurance Law through Red Dirt Legal. Come see us and learn what it feels like to be part of Ben Baker Law, where you matter.

Practice Areas

Family Law with Ben Baker

Family Law

There is no more emotional, meaningful, or delicate area of law. It’s crucial to select an attorney with the experience and intuitiveness to guide you through this tough time in your life. Here at Baker Law, we feel that we bring both to your situation. We understand when it’s time to fight for your rights and when it’s time to get the parties together, attempt settlement, and allow you to move on with your life.

Civil Litigation Law

Civil Litigation

When things go wrong, it’s essential to have an experienced attorney that knows how to move through the complexities of civil litigation. It’s equally important that your counsel is willing and able to take your case into the courtroom and present your grievances. We aggressively pursue your rights and provide you with the advocacy you deserve.

Business Organization Law

Business Organization

Getting a new business started or keeping an established business running smoothly helps create a foundation that you can build on for years to come. Getting sued and personal liability are two worries you should not have. Let us help you get the proper documents prepared and filed so you can focus on growth and profits. Let us help give you peace of mind by getting your business set up, organized, and up and running.

Agricultural Law with Ben Baker

Agricultural Law

Agriculture is one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood industries in the world. When legal issues arise, you need an attorney who understands your operation and your way of life. My background in rural America means I have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to help you through whatever troubles you are facing.

Insurance Law with Ben Baker

Insurance Law

When weather strikes and your insurance company disappears, you need a team that knows its way through the complexities of insurance law. As a founding member of Red Dirt Legal, we fight insurance companies every day from the largest of claims to the most basic. We will make your insurance carrier answer for abandoning you when you need them the most.

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